'Hunger Games' Fan Flick Gives Us Hope For Big Screen Version!

For all the hype and buzz building around Lionsgate's big screen adaption of Suzanne Collins' masterwork "The Hunger Games," there is a lot to be excited about. Likely director Gary Ross (who helmed "Pleasantville," one of my all time favorite films), the casting rumors/predictions, seeing Katniss Everdeen—the best female protagonist ever—in live action, etc. However, as jazzed as I am about the momentum behind Collins' brilliant trilogy, the skeptical, jaded book lover in me—who will ALWAYS choose the book version over the film —is VERY nervous about how this project will turn out.

Nevertheless, thanks to the efforts of a few very dedicated fans (and a heads-up from Hunger Games fan sites: Down With The Capitol, The Hunger Games Examiner and Mockingjay.net) my skepticism/anxiety level has gone down a point or two. Check out this short film made by John Lyde from Mainstay Productions. The 10-minute video showcases one of the more touching/tragic scenes between Katniss and Rue in "The Hunger Games," and much to my surprise, it is a decent adaptation—particularly since this was a spontaneous and very low budget passion project born out of Lyde's love for the book.

"I went out for a run and was listening to Linkin Park," Lyde told The Examiner. "'Wretches and Kings' was playing and I thought it conveyed the feeling of what it would be like in the Hunger Games. Then right after that song, 'Iridscent' started and it gave me all these visuals of what the movie could be like," Lyde said. "I ran home and told my wife that I wanted to make a short film."

As I mentioned previously, it's not a big budget production, and I don't think the actresses quite pulled it off, but it's a fun little tease for what could be. Especially the bleak, gritty violence that Lyde showcased. We all know the film will have to be PG-13, but in order for it to work it must be as bleak and somber as possible.

What do you think of the video? Are you worried about the film version?