Ryan Reynolds Named Sexiest Man Alive By People Magazine

Congratulations, People magazine, on catching on to what every red-blooded Crush reader already knew: Ryan Reynolds is one delicious hunk of man meat.

The actor, whose chiseled handsomeness and hot bod earned him the title role in the upcoming "Green Lantern" (and have also been making our hearts go pitter-pat since he spent five seconds onscreen in an "X-Files" episode back in 1996), has been officially bestowed with the magazine's annually-awarded title of Sexiest Man Alive. He's the 25th hottie to make the list (which debuted by honoring Mel Gibson back in 1985...and the less said about that, the better.)

Ryan's title comes at a good time, with wife Scarlett Johansson having just been named GQ's Babe of the Year. The Sexiest Man Alive and the Babe of the Year, together forever? How appropriate! But according to Ryan, it won't change much around their household. He tells People, "Now it's going to be, 'Sexiest man, take out the garbage.'"

Although shortly thereafter, he admits, "That does sound better."

You're damn right, it does! So we'd like to congratulate Ryan on his world-conquering sexiness, wish him a sexy Thanksgiving and also add our best wishes for a sexy new year. He can take out our garbage anytime.

Click on the image below to see an entire sexy flipbook featuring sexy Ryan Reynolds!

Is Ryan's title well-deserved, or is there someone out there who's sexier?