Taylor Swift Has A Nose For Love: 'Different Smells Bring Different Relationships To Mind'

Taylor SwiftWe already knew that Taylor Swift was ridiculously pretty and crazy talented...but, as always, she's so adorably normal in interviews that no matter how much we want to, we just can't hate her. Take the December issue of Allure: Even though she's looking perfectly dewy-eyed and pouty on the cover, Taylor reveals inside that, just like us, she used to buy into some seriously boneheaded ideas about how love works.

She confesses, "I used to think there were all these rules for making people like you. Like, the best way to get a guy to like you would be to actively ignore him. I was filled with advice! I’d tell my friends things like, 'Don’t accept that apology! That isn’t sincere! Or He hung out with his ex-girlfriend? Get rid of him.' But love is never that simple. Now I’m finally getting the idea it’s the one thing I don’t need to have a strategy for."

And the lack of strategy can only be a good thing, when Taylor's songs center so much on her own experiences—the lyrics that document her ups and downs, the same hopes and heartbreak that every girl experiences growing up, are what make her music so compelling. Plus, it's the only way that fans ever get a window into what's happening in the singer's personal life.

"I’ve always been comfortable talking about details of my personal life in songs," she says, "but still never in interviews."

Fortunately, the past two years (which Taylor describes as "crazy" from both a personal and professional standpoint) have given her plenty of material for songwriting. But when she needs a little extra inspiration, she finds it...up her nose.

"Different smells bring different relationships to mind for me," she explains. So if she wants to recall a particular moment more vividly, she can get an extra memory jog from her perfume collection: "I’d put on Abercrombie 8 to remember when I was in ninth grade and had my first boyfriend, because he gave me that."

Of course, some of the memories really stink too. Taylor admits, "Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is still a difficult one for me to smell."

Apparently, it was the favorite cologne of a not-so-great ex—but in classic fashion, she doesn't name names, and she's not dwelling on the painful past. Instead, Taylor imagines that a better guy could even eclipse some of her unhappier memories.

"Maybe this guy will replace my bad memories of the cologne with good ones. In a perfect world."

What do you think it'll smell like when Taylor finds true love?

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