Bethany Joy Galeotti Debuts A 'Notebook' Musical Song: Do You Like What You Hear?

Could "The Notebook" musical be one step closer to a Broadway production?

Thanks to a newly released track from last October's workshop of the play, written by "One Tree Hill" star Bethany Joy Galeotti and music producer Ron Aniello, you can judge for yourself.

Bethany released the song as a reward for her Twitter followers, who successfully raised more than $2000 in one day for the charity Love146. The tune's called "Troublesome Tongue" and features Noah's dad and pals explaining Noah's childhood stutter to new love Allie (played by Bethany, who reminds us a little of Rachel McAdams' long-lost TV star sister—meaning she seems perfect for the role).

So how does the track sound?

It's got a traditional bluegrass folk song vibe, which seems appropriate given the time period during which the story takes place. (Though if you've ever heard the tune "Old Dan Tucker," let me know if you think it sounds eerily similar.) It's a fun teaser for the musical in general, but let's get real—"The Notebook" is all about the love story. Where's the love song?! I can't pass judgment until I hear Noah and Allie pining away for each other.

In an interview with the fan-produced "One Tree Hill" podcast in January, Bethany said the feedback the duo received after their workshop for Broadway producers and investors was overwhelmingly positive. "[The producers] all said the music was amazing—'Don't touch it, we love the music'—which is just so, so encouraging for Ron and I because we worked really hard on that music. And everybody loved the dialogue, and they thought the story was well-crafted."

Listen to the full track.

What do you think of the song? Do you want to hear more? Would you see a "Notebook" musical?