Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Engaged, Ready To Live Happily Ever After!

In what's bound to be thrilling news for aspiring princesses everywhere, the word came from across the pond that a real-life fairy tale is finally on its way to a happy ending: Prince William, heir to the British throne, is engaged to longtime commoner girlfriend Kate Middleton. William reportedly obtained permission from the Queen as well as Kate's father before proposing, and a statement from the royal family confirms that the pair made their plans official last month while vacationing in Kenya, People reports.

Now that it's on, the couple probably won't waste much time with a long engagement. The wedding is likely to take place in 2011, which allows plenty of time to plan a lavish, extravagant party...but is also soon enough that William should still have some hair left for his bride to run her fingers through. Phew!

The confirmation of William and Kate's upcoming nuptials is going to leave a lot of professional gossip-mongers at loose ends; speculating about the on-and-off couple's romantic status has been a favorite pastime of the tabloids since they met and began dating at university in 2002. But with the excitement of a royal wedding to fill the void, we'll find a way to carry on somehow.

Click on the photo above to see our entire flipbook of Prince William and Kate in love.

Is this news royally exciting or what?!

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