'Glee' Scoop: New Post-Super Bowl Episode Details, Darren Criss May Become Series Regular

GleeEven though they weren't all Born in the USA (ahem, Cory Monteith) or boast expert moonwalking skills, we have a feeling everyone was looking forward to the "Glee" kids getting their song and dance on during a Bruce Springsteen or Michael Jackson-themed episode following the Super Bowl. While The Boss and The King of Pop will probably still get their moment in the Fox series' spotlight, recent reports suggest that "Glee"'s post-Bowl episode might take a more conservative route than expected.

Michael Ausiello got the scoop that creator Ryan Murphy is turning away from a tribute episode, opting instead for a "regular" one that would feature a variety of artists' music. However, since it will be a post-Super Bowl episode, we're sure that Ryan will pull out the big guns for what's sure to be "Glee"'s biggest audience yet. Maybe an homage to all the famous Super Bowl half-time performances? Though we could do without the nip slip.

"Glee"'s previous themed episodes for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" have been some of the show's most popular, yet by doing so many tributes, it seems like "Glee" has drifted away from its emotional core. Though it's doubtful that Murphy is making this decision solely to please the show's hardcore fans, it's nice that he's seemingly choosing plot progression over flashy showmanship.

In other exciting "Glee" news, Ausiello got another scoop that Darren Criss was so well-received after his debut Tuesday that he is already in talks to be the show's newest series regular (a status that would take effect during "Glee"'s already green-lit third season). Hollywood Crush reached out to Darren's management for a statement, but they had no comment.

Would you prefer a tribute show or normal episode following the Super Bowl? Are you glad Darren might be a series regular?