Ryan Kwanten's 'Red Hill' Character Gives Jason Stackhouse Advice: Don't Be A Cop

The winter can be a tough time for us here at Hollywood Crush, and it's a direct result of one thing: No "True Blood." Fortunately, our favorite "True Blood" hotties have made the shift from premium cable to the big screen, so we thankfully get to see their pretty faces fairly frequently (though I, for one, can never get enough Alexander Skarsgård). Stephen Moyer has "Priest" coming up, ASkars is finishing up "Battleship," and MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with Ryan Kwanten while promoting his Western "Red Hill," which hits theaters today.

The film follows a police officer, played by Ryan, who must survive his first day of duty in a rustic town, which apparently is a lot harder than it would seem. We couldn't help but see a resemblance between Ryan's cop character Shane Cooper and "True Blood"'s Jason Stackhouse, who is, himself, a fledgling law enforcement officer. Ryan felt that his "Red Hill" character Shane might have a few words of advice for the rambunctious brother of Sookie Stackhouse.

"I think the best advice Shane could give Jason would be to not be a cop," Ryan said. "I think if anyone should not be holding a gun, should not be in a position of power, it's Jason Stackhouse."

Unfortunately, the last we saw of Jason he was him in charge of a community of werepanthers, so it doesn't look like Shane's advice would do the Bon Temps native much good now. Ryan couldn't share too many season 4 tidbits, since he has yet to see a script, but he did acknowledge the sort of scatter-brained trajectory he assumes Jason will continue to follow next season.

"The way that they've been writing for him, he's been having to deal with so many things at any one time, and I think that's part of the comedy of him is that he just can't handle all these things," Ryan said. "He doesn't have the brain power to kind of handle all these things, so when you get someone like that in these kind of life or death situations it's always interesting to see how they act and react."

Do you agree with the advice Ryan thinks Shane would give to Jason? Are you looking forward to the fourth season of "True Blood"?