Jackson Rathbone In Talks For 3D Horror Flick 'Shadowland'

Jackson RathboneIf there's one thing that could sell us on a 3D horror movie, it's one of our favorite "Twilight Saga" actors' pretty faces attached to it. Jackson Rathbone is ready to take another crack at the supernatural, according to Variety. A deal is being finalized for him to join "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" star Bill Nighy in an adaptation of the horror novel "Shadowland."

The story follows two boys who go to an all-male prep school in Arizona and form a friendship based on their mutual love for magic tricks. We assume Jackson would be playing one of those students, which leaves the second student role up for grabs. The two buds go to stay at the bizarre home of a weird magician uncle—sounds like Bill to us—and he trains them in illusions. The line between what is real and what is make-believe become blurred, and they end up in an alternate reality where they have to combat dark powers. Okay, so we're pretty intrigued.

The flick will film in Ireland and the U.K., though we're not quite sure how filmmakers are going to turn the grassy Great Britain countryside into something that looks like the Arizona desert. However, what we're most interested in is who will play Jackson's wingman.

We're hoping for someone like "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"'s Kieran Culkin or "Charlie Bartlett"'s Anton Yelchin. They both have quirky senses of humor, just like Jackson, but also display a deep acting sensibility. To be sure, Jackson deserves a costar who is going to push him beyond the range he's been allowed to show in his previous films (sorry, "Last Airbender").

Who do you hope will star opposite Jackson in "Shadowlands"? Is this a role you're glad he's interested in?