'Harry Potter''s Top 10 Romantic Moments: The Crush Compilation

by Kristen Shalbinski

Forget Quidditch tournaments, Horcruxes or even magical spells. At its heart, the "Harry Potter" franchise is all about love. Don't believe us? In anticipation of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1"'s November 19 release (just two weeks, guys!), we took a look back at the lovey-dovey scenes that left us swooning and wishing for our own magical romance. Check out our top 10 list of aw-inducing moments (in no particular order), and weigh in with your own in the comments section!

1. Ginny's infatuation with Harry

"Chamber of Secrets"

Oh, young love. We begin to see it blossom in "Chamber of Secrets" thanks to Ginny Weasley's ginormous crush on Harry. In fact, she's so gaga she can't even speak when he says hello. But little does she know that she'll get plenty of time with Harry in the future.

2. I wanna hold your hand

"Prisoner of Azkaban"

Since the very beginning, we all knew that Hermione and Ron were going to get together, so when Hermione "accidentally" grabs Ron's hand during the Buckbeak scene in "Prisoner of Azkaban," I think we all got a bit giddy.

3. The dating game with Harry and Ron

"Goblet of Fire"

Harry can defeat dragons and Voldemort but can't seem to scare up a date for the Yule Ball—and neither can Ron. The duo go on a dance date search, eventually asking the Patil twins. Sadly, their dates don't go so well, thanks to Ron's jealous. Silly boys...

4. Viktor Krum woos Hermione

"Goblet of Fire"

Unlike Ron, Viktor Krum had the guts to ask Hermione to the Yule Ball, and she was a smitten kitten. Hermione's joy is written all over her face, and we couldn't wipe the goofy grins off of our own faces when Viktor gives her a sweet kiss on the hand.

5. First kiss

"Order of the Phoenix"

It doesn't take magical powers to see that Harry hasn't had the best luck with the ladies, but he finally has his moment when he lands his first kiss with Cho Chang, who he's been crushing on for a while. The romance happens right under the mistletoe, and is as sweetly awkward as everyone's first smooch should be.

6. Cheating for love

"Half-Blood Prince"

"Hermione" and "cheating" should never be uttered in the same sentence, but no one's perfect! In a weak moment, Hermione casts a little confundus charm that causes Cormac McLaggen to miss the quaffle so Ron can become keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Naughty, naughty girl!

7. Hermione's emotions take over

"Half-Blood Prince"

We've all been there: crying over the boy we love. And for Hermione, she had good reason: She witnesses Ron and Lavender's kiss. Thankfully, Harry was there to give her a shoulder to cry on. We know guys can be clueless, but come on Ron!

8. "Her-my-knee"

"Half-Blood Prince"

Even under the influence of poison, Hermione is never far from Ron's mind. And he lets everyone know when he mutters her name in his sleep! Goodbye, Lavender! Obviously, we're not too sad to see her go because we're dying to see Ron and Hermione together, and his sleepytime slip-up brought us thatmuch closer!

9. Feeding time

"Half-Blood Prince"

When Harry and Ginny see each other for the first time in "Half-Blood Prince," the love connection is obvious. Ginny lets Harry know she's definitely interested, especially during the holidays when she feeds him cookies. You know what they say about the quickest way to a man's heart...

10. Secret kiss

"Half-Blood Prince"

FINALLY! All those subtle hints and cookies paid off! In the Room of Requirement, Ginny and Harry finally share a kiss, making Ginny's dreams (and ours) come true. Awwww...

Did we miss any of your favorite romantic moments from "Harry Potter"?