Anna Kendrick Is Mysterious (And Gorgeous!) In Behind-The-Scenes Pics From 'Supervideo'

Anna Kendrick goes by many monikers: "Twilight" star, Oscar-nominated actress, red carpet stunner, and now she can add one more: video vixen. Anna teamed with "Training Day" writer David Ayer for the new "Supervideo," which utilizes LCD Soundsystem's song "Pow Wow" as the narrative inspiration.

Anna plays a mysterious woman who, along with her entourage of lawyers and bodyguards, travels through the underworld of L.A. to capture the souls of notorious villains. However, Anna isn't quite what she appears to be. (Perhaps there are some supernatural powers involved...just sayin')

The video is striking and otherworldly, and we were lucky enough to snag some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. Click on the pic above to view our entire flipbook of Anna images (stunning outfits included!). And, obvi, don't forget to check out the video too!

What do you think of Anna and LCD Soundsystem's "Supervideo"?