'Glee' News: Gwyneth Paltrow Sings Cee Lo's 'F--- You' And A Student Transfers!

Gwyneth PaltrowWe may have been "Glee"-less this week, but that doesn't mean Gleeks didn't have something to sing about! A slew of exciting "Glee" news hit the web, and we had to share it with you! From details about Gwyneth Paltrow's upcoming guest appearance to Sue Sylvester's new title, here are the tidbits that should tide you over until Tuesday!

As mentioned, Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow is dropping by McKinley High School for two episodes to play a substitute teacher. We learned last month that Mrs. Chris Martin will be singing a few tunes, including one from the musical "Chicago"...while dressed as Mary Todd Lincoln! Really! But leave it up to Ryan Murphy to make that the least surprising number for the actress to perform. He's having the actress sing none other than Cee Lo Green's delightfully inappropriate hit "F--- You." (She'll, of course, be singing the cleaned-up version, "Forget You." After all, Apple and Moses could be watching!) We have no idea how this will play into the story line (does Gwynnie have a crush on someone? Mr. Schue, perhaps?), but we can't wait to hear how this one turns out (it will appear in the November 16th episode!).

There's also plenty going on with the characters we already know and love! Michael Ausiello shared on his Facebook page that a series regular "will be transferring to another school within the next six episodes!" To which we say...BUT WHO?! Fans who posted on Ausiello's page pointed to Chris Colfer as the culprit, and he certainly seems like a viable candidate. There's a number of reasons why he could jump ship, from his sick father to an upcoming storyline with his new beau—plenty of outside factors could pull our beloved Kurt away from New Directions.

But that wasn't the only scoop Ausiello had to dish. He told fans there is a rumor that the next principal of McKinley could be none other than....Sue Sylvester! Could you imagine? The horror! The humor! The epic detentions! Does this mean she's finally outed Principal Figgins' dirty little secret for good? We wouldn't put it past Sue, that's for sure!

Which piece of new "Glee" news intrigues you the most? Which character do you think is transferring to a new school? Let us know!