Miley Cyrus Goes 'So Undercover' As A Private Eye: Will This Flick Make Her A Hollywood Heavyweight?

Miley CyrusHollywood, meet Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus, meet Hollywood. Sure, you met back in the day during "Hannah Montana: The Movie," and there was that time at that party where you two sang "The Last Song," but I don't think it really hit the right notes for you. "LOL" has been kept under wraps, but the buzz is good at least. But listen, we have this new idea that is going to totally nail it. See, Exclusive Media Group has a movie that's going to position Miley as leading-lady material, and audiences will just love her.

Why, you might ask? Because "tough, street-smart private eye" is totally what people think of when they hear the name "Miley Cyrus."

All kidding aside, yes this is a real movie and yes Deadline has announced that Miley will star in the upcoming action comedy called "So Undercover." The film will be directed by "What Happens In Vegas" helmer Tom Vaughn, and is being written by the comedy dream team behind "The Switch."

The film will follow P.I. Miley as she goes undercover in a college sorority at the request of the FBI. We don't know why yet, but we're guessing some funny hi-jinks ensue, and she ends up falling in love with a guy who ultimately becomes brokenhearted when he finds out she's secretly investigating him. I'm fine with this scenario as long as he's as hot as Michael Vartan was in "Never Been Kissed" because, really, he set the bar for under investigation hotties.

With "Hannah Montana" ending, I understand the need for Miley to branch out and try new films genres so she can earn more credibility as an actress. But this is the second of her three non-"Hannah Montana" roles that have been created solely as a star-making vehicle for her. Hopefully it's a hit and she performs well and everyone loves it, but I'll feel a bit more comfortable with the films Miley signs on to once filmmakers start coming to her.

Are you looking forward to this Miley Cyrus film, or did you like her better as Hannah Montana?