'Sex And The City' Boss Michael Patrick King Scores NBC Comedy

Michael Patrick KingFrom the classic cinema of "Sunset Boulevard" to the contemporary TV drama of "Nip/Tuck," the entertainment industry has long been fascinated with the many aesthetic horrors of aging. The graying hair! The droopy butt! The wrinkled face! And, ohgod, the sagging...

Wait a second. Those aren't boobs.

Yes, it's a new era in low self-esteem. Because while the downsides of oldladyhood used to be a de rigueur plot point in looks-obsessed Hollywood, it looks like now it's the men's turn to fret over widening thighs and drooping eyelids—and NBC is in talks for a primetime comedy that'll do just that, according to Deadline. The news came in today that the network is in talks to produce a new series by "Sex and the City" veteran Michael Patrick King, a show about an over-the-hill Beverly Hills hairdresser who's struggling to keep his edge despite his advancing age.

The subject matter is familiar territory for Michael, who's already seen the ladies of "SATC" through plastic surgery, chemical peels and generalized panic over their potentially-withering ovaries, so we'll be interested to see his manly spin on the terror of getting old. And after so many years of guys getting a free pass to age gracefully (particularly from the same industry in which actresses are considered positively ancient at 35), it should be fairly fun to see a leading man freaking out over his crows' feet.

Would you check out a dudely version of "Sex and the City"?