'Life Unexpected' Recap: 'Camp Grounded'

Life Unexpected"Life Unexpected" took a page out of the "Real World/ Road Rules Challenge" playbook this week as an isolated group of people were tasked with outdoor challenges in between engaging in inappropriate hook-ups. Yeah, that happened. But I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Ryan and Cate started off where we left them two weeks ago: fighting and questioning whether there was ever an honest moment in their relationship (there wasn't). And Ryan was so over it he even skipped out on their couples counseling session. Baze continued to behave as if he still works in a bar, acting sexy and seducing his boss with a croissant presented on a miniature bed. A) Where do you get a bed like that? B) If anyone came near me with that literal of a translation of anything, I would probably throw myself out the window. Emma is clearly a less extreme person than I am, however she thankfully drew the line at the morning make-out session.

Baze wasn't all cheap tricks though, he wanted to impress his boss with a real Saturday night dinner date. Baze goes to his sweater vest-sporting bestie Math to pick his "foodie" brain on where to eat in Portland proper. Now, I'm not saying a single man with poor style can't know good food, but…okay, I am. The point was moot though. Baze agreed to chaperone the camping trip that weekend, and Math forbids him from ditching his duties for dinner. Solution? Bring the date to you of course. Somehow Baze manages to trick Emma into a weekend in the woods with Math, Cate, Ryan and a dozen high school students. He might be brighter than he appears.

After an awkward bus ride and rather boring obstacle course that was designed strictly to show off Lux's every weakness (she couldn't read a map, lead a team, swim, you name it…), the kids settled in for some truth or dare and the adults retreated to whatever shack, vehicle or old tree they could hide behind to get it on. Ryan and Cate ignite their passions with a fight; Baze puts the moves on Emma with a romantic dance on the bus and Lux finds herself alone with Mr. Daniels by the lake. Eric offers to teach Lux to swim and they quickly strip down to their underwear and dive in. (Because I can’t seem to leave it alone—this is the part where I have to say WTF is with the weather on this show? Is it hot or is it cold because guess what—you can't have it both ways. Either Baze wears his adorable purple knit hat and matching puffer vest and we go with cold or Lux dives into a lake at night in her bra and it is hot. Someone needs to choose!) Anyway, Lux and Eric are soon engaging in a steamy make-out session, Baze and Emma are post-coital cuddling on some pretty public vinyl and Ryan and Cate are debating whether they had make-up or break-up sex (either way you know it knocked her up).

Cate turns to Baze to comfort her when Ryan rather brutally chooses to call it break-up sex, as she explains in all seriousness that Ryan knew she was the type of person to sabotage things and screw everything up when he married her, so…I don't know, that logic was lost on me, but Baze manages to sell Ryan on it (again, maybe he is smart), so thank God that couple is staying together! (read: sarcasm)

Tasha, after catching Lux and Eric in the act, also tries to talk sense into her friend. Of course, to no avail. Emboldened from the lake water, Eric tells Lux that he cannot let her go and holds her hand. Where is Math to thwart deviant behavior? What was the point of nine chaperones anyway? All the trip managed to do was provide an exotic locale to get naked and fall deeper into relationships with the wrong person. And what was with that random bitchy girl that was only around to point out how pathetic Lux and her mom are? So many questions. At least there are more episodes to come!

What did you think of last night's "Life Unexpected"? What couples do you think should stay together—and which should break up?