No Vampire Sex For 'True Blood' Star Ryan Kwanten

When one sits across from a hunky Australian actor who's filmed shirtless more often than not, there are a few obvious talking points that spring to mind. So it's not entirely surprising that part of my interview with "True Blood" actor Ryan Kwanten (who can be seen in the upcoming "Red Hill") included a discussion of vampire sex, or more specifically, why Ryan's sexed-up character Jason Stackhouse seems to be the only guy not sleeping with Bon Temps' teeming population of bloodsuckers. Think about it: His sister's torn between two hot vampires, his best friend is head-over-heels for a ginger-haired baby vamp and his bud Tara was nearly a vampire bride. Yet, Jason has yet to do the deed with an undead.

Ryan was kind enough, however, to point out that at least tangentially, Jason's no stranger to vampire sex. "He's slept with someone who had sex with a vampire," he said, referencing Jason's ill-fated relationships with fangbangers Dawn Green and Maudette Pickens. "And he's seen someone have sex with a vampire." (Vamp sex tapes, anyone?) But why has Jason never done the horizontal mambo with a lovely lady vamp?

"He's probably still, as ridiculous as it sounds—he's the moral compass of 'True Blood,'" Ryan explained. "He's sort of our view in. He's one of the few, sort of, humans around."

Can we expect Jason to ever get it on with an undead (maybe even in season 4)? Ryan's lips were zipped when I asked, but not because he's sworn to secrecy. Even though filming begins in a month, Ryan has yet to see a script. "I could make up something," he teased, "but anything I could make up would pale in comparison to what eventuates."

What do you think, Crushers? Will Jason ever have sex with a vampire? Do you want him to?