Jamie Chung Will Get A 'Hangover 2'

This is the story of four not-really strangers, picked to stay in a Thai hotel and have their vacation taped, to find out what happens when bros stop being polite and starting getting real. "The Real World: Hangover 2."

Okay, so this isn't the plot of MTV's latest incarnation of the classic reality series, but the sequel to the Las Vegas-road-trip-gone-wrong comedy will star everyone's favorite "Real World" roommate-turned-actress Jamie Chung. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jamie will play the new fiancee of Ed Helms' character Stu (which makes us curious as to how they disposed of Heather Graham's stripper Jade, whom Ed married in the first flick).

The role is quite the boon for the 27-year-old actress who's appeared in a slew of bit parts in several series and TV movies. Jamie's first high-profile feature role was in last year's collegiate horror romp "Sorority Row," and her schedule has been filling up quickly ever since. She'll appear next in Zack Snyder's prison fantasy "Sucker Punch" followed by the thriller "Premium Rush," which she filmed this summer in New York City alongside cutie Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Depending on how meaty her role is in "The Hangover 2," this could be a star-making turn for the actress.

We love it when MTV alumni make good. Congrats, Jamie!

What do you think about Jamie joining "The Hangover 2"?