ABC Family's 'What Would Jane Do' Snags A Director And Leading Lady

Erica DasherOne of the most interesting new pilots to come out of the ABC Family teenage-TV-machine is "What Would Jane Do"—the show about a 16-year-old girl who lands a high-profile fashion job, thanks to a slightly clueless hiring manager who somehow fails to realize that she's still a few years shy of being a grown-up. It's a concept with great screwball comedy potential, and the producers seem to agree; they've just snagged teen-series veteran Lev J. Spiro to direct and cast an expressive actress, Erica Dasher, in the lead role of Jane.

It's tough to find an actress who can convincingly play (and pass for) a 16-year-old-masquerading-as-college-grad, so Erica—who previously appeared on's web series "The Lake"—is a great choice. She definitely has the youthful sophisticate look that the role needs (although she doesn't look a thing like Christina Applegate, whose character in "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" seems like a pretty obvious point of inspiration for this series). And with TV credits including the frat comedy "Blue Mountain State" and the feature-length "The Wizards of Waverly Place" movie, Lev definitely has the directorial chops to make it lively. Now all we need is some additional cast members! And while there's no word yet on who else will be involved in the pilot, no show with this premise would be complete without a) a bitchy coworker who threatens to expose Jane's secret, b) a devastatingly hot older dude who doesn't realize that he's thisclose to being a statutory rapist, and c) a psychotic, over-the-top fashion executive played with extra panache by, say, Karl Lagerfield.

Please, please let them cast Karl Lagerfield.

Is the latest casting news getting you psyched for "What Would Jane Do"?