Katherine Heigl To Star In Romantic Drama 'Adaline'

Katherine HeiglThere had been rumors of Katherine Heigl wanting to be involved in a period piece earlier this year, but we finally have confirmation that Hollywood's go-to rom-com actress will be trying something new. It's still romantic, but this time it's a drama and set at the turn of the 20th century.

Katherine is teaming up with "Ever After" and "The Bounty Hunter" director Andy Tennant for a film called "Adaline," which TheWrap says follows the story of a "strangely ageless young woman who falls in love after years of isolation." According to Summit Entertainment chief Rob Friedman, it's a "fantastic story that we believe will resonate with the American audience."

Those plot details are a little bit vague, but we're excited to see Andy get back to period pieces. The second half of the 2000's haven't been so great for him. We loved "Ever After," "Anna and the King," "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Hitch," but "Fool's Gold" and "The Bounty Hunter" weren't such winners. Hopefully "Adaline" will allow him to return to the costume drama setting that he has done so well with.

And it's just so refreshing to see Katherine trying something new! Let's face it, her whole slew of rom-coms following 2007's "Knocked Up" and 2008's "27 Dresses" have gotten progressively less enjoyable. Did anyone see "Killers" or "Life As We Know It"? Didn't think so. Fortunately, Katherine's also got the big-screen adaptation of Jane Evanovich's "One For The Money" up her sleeve, so between that and "Adaline," which has a tentative 2012 release date, she should be set for a career boost.

Are you excited to see Katherine Heigl trying something new?