Halloween Costume How-To: A 'True Blood' Trifecta Of Jessica, Lafayette, Russell

Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Don't fret! Hollywood Crush is here to help! All week long, we'll give you the deets on how to dress like your favorite pop-culture icons (without breaking the bank), in our Halloween Costume How-To column. So before you resort to cutting eye holes in your favorite sheets, check out our suggestions for awesome Halloween get-ups!

The supernatural residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana are an obvious choice when it comes to kick-ass Halloween costume inspiration. But unless you need a last-minute lazyperson getup for couples (and want to spend all night in a stupid makeup/breakup cycle over whether it's you that he loves or just the fact that your veins are full of magical, daylight-repellent fairy juice), forget about boring Sookie and Bill—this year's hottest "True Blood" characters come from the supporting cast.


Copying the look of baby vamp Jessica is super-easy; a pretty cascade of red hair, a Merlotte's T-shirt and a pair of petite fangs is all you need. This wig from Amazon ($26) has the right look, and single-tooth stick-on chompers ($15.95 from the Nightmare Factory) will make that predatory smile look natural. Merlotte's tees are available all over the internet, but you can trust the HBO Store for the genuine article ($25). Added bonus: If a fang falls off, throw on a whole lot of eyeliner and a worried expression and you'll make a convincing Arlene.


Lafayette's signature style is all about lace, lip-liner and swagger—and you, costume-needing dude, can put it together for under $20. Steal a tight, sleeveless ladyshirt from your mom (or pick one up at Target for $10), wrap your head in a long scarf and slather on the spackle like a two-dollar whore. Lafayette favors dark lip- and eye-liner, shimmery pink eyelids and sparkly accents; stop by your local drugstore and pick up a black eye pencil (Covergirl, $2.89) and creme shadow (Bobbi Brown, $10). Refer to everyone around you as "hooker" and offer to whip up a hamburger with AIDS. Accessorize with a hot Latino boy-toy, if you have one.

Russell Edgington

Psychotic Russell came and went in a single-season arc, but his legacy will live on—and his character was just too fantastic not to include in this round-up. Plus, dressing like him is simple for "True Blood" fans of either sex who want to channel an ancient, vertebrae-yanking vampire with a major grudge. Russell appears in a range of outfits on the show, from a classic summer suit to a red-coated riding getup, but we like him best after he's gone batshizz insane—and when his look can be copied with a simple all-black ensemble and a big freakin' jar of Talbot goo. A pair of black dress pants, black shoes and a black shirt should already be in your closet; round it out with a pair of black sunglasses ($3.99 at Urban Outfitters), and use an eyebrow pencil ($1.99, Wet'n'Wild) to give yourself a widow's peak. Then, all you need is Talbot! Cruise eBay or your local flea market for a big, decorative candy dish on the cheap, and stuff it full of cloth that's been dyed red and torn to shreds. Cuddle with it throughout the night.