Kristen Stewart Talks 'Stripper Day' On 'Welcome To The Rileys' Set

With "Welcome to the Rileys" opening today in limited release, it won't be long before the world gets to see a whole nude, er, new side of Kristen Stewart. But for Kristen, shedding her clothes to play teenage stripper Mallory isn't just a step into more gritty, adult roles; it's practically a rite of passage. In fact, stripper roles are such a classic career moment for young actresses that when MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with Kristen to talk about it, she was able to actually finish his sentences.

Josh began the question: "So many young actresses have played..." "Strippers!" Kristen filled in. "I know!"

But while some girls might be nervous about baring so much skin onscreen, Kristen told us that for her, it felt totally natural to let it all hang out—even when she wasn't in character.

"I got rid of my nerves once I started," she explained. "I was walking down the street in, like, a robe and fishnets, but I wouldn't tie the robe up. I just did not care, I was so comfortable and just not afraid of anything."

And what do we call this magical moment in Kristen's career? She's on that, too: "That's Stripper Day!"

Meanwhile, Kristen was quick to point out that while you don't actually see her strip in the movie, she still took it upon herself to hone her pole-dancing skills—and she wants full credit for her hard work. "I learned how to do it, and there's one shot that people should know is definitely me. I twirl down this pole in the background and it's entirely in silhouette, like... you can't see anything." (Did you hear that, guys? Don't get your hopes up.)

But back to the question at hand: When it came time to film, was there even a moment of hesitation? Kristen says no way.

"Every normal question that you would be asking yourself—are you okay with looking like this in front of the world, are you feeding into cliches... For me, I'm not saying what the result is, but the experience was so naturally found. The story was so important to everybody, and I didn't think about that kind of stuff on set. If I had, I wouldn't have been able to go through with it."

Could you be as comfortable as Kristen on "Stripper Day"?