My Favorite Scary Movie: 'Hellcats' Actor Matt Barr Fears 'Fire In The Sky'

Matt BarrBoo! Did we scare you? No? Okay, well, maybe a fright-night feature will get your knees knocking. In anticipation of Halloween, we asked a slew of celebrities to suggest their favorite scary movies to get you in the mood for the ooky, spooky holiday.

You probably know today's guest blogger, Matt Barr, best as Ashley Tisdale's bf Dan on The CW's "Hellcats." Which flick makes Matt shudder? "Fire in the Sky"!

A scary movie, in my opinion, is scary the first time you see it, but then starts to hibernate in your mind; and then its got you! "Fire in the Sky" came out in the early 90's, and is based on a true story about a mountain worker who claims he was abducted my aliens. It's scary because of its realism and subtly. The whole movie is pretty slow as it builds to the climax where the guy's memory flashes back to what happened to him while he was on the alien ship. The words—cocoon, needles, tubes—make me cringe just thinking about it. That final sequence still gives me bad dreams. Honestly, if i could go back in time and unwatch it, I would. So I guess this is less of a recommendation and more of a warning!

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What is your favorite scary movie?