'Today' Show Hosts Dress As Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber: Which Halloween Costume Was Best?

Lady Gaga put on quite the show today in Rockefeller Center. Except, it wasn't the Lady Gaga we all know and love. It was "Today" show host Meredith Vieira dressed as the "Paparazzi" singer for the morning show's Halloween episode. Donning the pink Armani orbit dress that Gaga wore to the Grammy's earlier this year (and wearing her best "Poker Face"), the host shimmied and shook (and tried her darndest to lip-sync) to the hit song "Bad Romance." Perhaps if this television host gig doesn't work out, Mer could pursue a career as a Gaga impersonator? Or maybe not. Watch the video evidence below.

Meredith wasn't the only host to channel a mega-popular pop star. Natalie Morales got her swoop on (maybe she checked out our Halloween costume how-to) to perform "Baby" as boy wonder Justin Bieber. (Is it just us, or does she also kind of look like Tina Fey? Just sayin'...)

Both hosts' looks were pretty spot-on, but which one rocked their costume best? Vote below! AND! Check out our entire "Today" show Halloween costume flipbook. You know you want to see Al Roker in a tights.