MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which Non-'Twilight' Kristen Stewart Role Is Your Favorite?

Kristen StewartToday, moviegoers in New York and Los Angeles will finally get to see Kristen Stewart's latest, "Welcome to the Rileys." K-Stew is already receiving raves for the risky project, in which she plays a runaway stripper named Mallory. The movie, which also stars James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo, is quite the departure from the "Twilight Saga," which made Kristen a household name. It seems she can hold her own with two acting heavyweights, but it isn't the first time Kristen has been impressive in other movies. While we here (and all of you guys) will always love the 20-year-old actress best for playing Bella Swan, we were curious as to which non-"Twilight" Kristen Stewart role you liked best.

From her previous forays into indies (as terminally ill teen Georgia in "The Cake Eaters") to nostalgic comedy (playing the cool but conflicted love interest Em in "Adventureland") to rocker biopics (as the iconic rocker Joan Jett in "The Runaways") to romantic dramas (as the neighbor of Adam Brody in "In The Land of Women"...hey, it's a tough job...) and sweeping epics (a hippie who falls for fellow drifter Chris McCandless in the big-screen adaptation of "Into The Wild"), there's plenty to love on Kristen's resume so far. Vote in our poll and let us know which of K-Stew's other roles you like best!