Nina Dobrev Is Not Dying For A Musical 'Vampire Diaries' Episode

Though "The Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder admitted to MTV News a few weeks ago that he'd love to play a Sweeney Todd-type character for a musical episode of his CW series, co-star Nina Dobrev isn't so sure about the whole song-and-dance. When we caught up with the pretty actress at Spike's Scream Awards, she nixed the idea of a musical episode.

"I don't know if we're ever going to do a musical episode," she said. "I don't think that we will."

Just to be clear—it's not because Nina isn't a fan of musicals. In fact, she admitted to us that she's a huge Gleek. "I love musicals," she said. Rather, Nina doesn't see showtunes fitting in with the serious tone of the series.

"I think we want to keep it dark and mysterious," she said. "If you jump out into song and dance, it changes the whole thing—not in a bad way. It's not our thing."

Hmmm...I wonder what Paul Wesley has to say about all of this. We'll get to the bottom of it soon...stay tuned!

Do you agree with Ian or Nina when it comes to a musical episode of "The Vampire Diaries"?