MULTIPLE CHOICE: Is Chris Evans' Captain America The Sexiest Superhero Ever?

Chris EvansWe generally don't pay too much attention to superheroes around these parts (that's more the province of our brother blog Splash Page), but when they look like Chris Evans, well, they're hard to ignore. Chris, donning Captain America's red-white-and-blues, covers this week's Entertainment Weekly, and all we can say is, "Rescue me?"

With rippling muscles, fearless attitudes and fancy costumes, there's a lot to like (and swoon over) when it comes to caped crusaders. But is Chris' Captain America the hottest one yet (don't forget Ryan Reynolds will suit up as the Green Lantern very soon...)? Vote in our poll after the jump to decide once and for all who the sexiest superhero is! And as always, if we forgot your favorite, tell us in the comments section.