Mariah Carey Is Pregnant: We Imagine Her Baby Registry!

Congrats to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon who just announced they are expecting a baby. The duo made the announcement on Thursday after months of speculation. And while we want to respect their wishes to keep as much of their pregnancy as private as possible, we happened to come across their registry and we wanted to share it with all of you. (Okay, this isn’t really their registry. We made it up ourselves. We're bad people.)

First up, Pottery Barn has a fantastic lamb critter collection. Being that Mrs. Cannon calls her fans her lambs, we felt it the perfect gift for her bundle of joy.

Their baby will certainly be sleeping in the lap of luxury regardless of what crib they choose, but we're going to make a suggestion and say that someone needs to get them the Majestic carriage crib. The price tag? A measly $19,995.

Staying on the expensive theme, we also found some very pricey strollers on the market. The Kid Kustoms’ "The Roddler" costs a paltry $3,500, and for those who may not have that much set aside for the baby Cannon, they can buy the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram at an affordable $2,900.

Babies sometimes can be scared of the dark. So, perhaps someone should get Nick and Mariah an angel nightlight. Mariah is an imperfect angel, after all.

And finally, their baby should be wrapped in a butterfly blanket. It seems like the right way for Mariah's little baby to keep warm.

What do you think should be on Mariah and Nick's baby registry?