Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway To Host 'SNL': What Sketches Should They Perform?

Thank you, "SNL." Hot on the heels of Emma Stone's bang-up hosting turn comes news that two more Crush-approved celebs will grace the Studio 8H stage come November: Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway!

Neither starlet is a stranger to the NBC sketch comedy show. Scarlett's Nov. 13 appearance (with musical guest Arcade Fire) will be her third time hosting (though her fourth time on the show if we count her surprise cameo during hubby Ryan Reynolds' show). For her part, Anne will get a second notch on her "SNL" belt when she hosts November 20 with (!!!) Florence and the Machine.

Since both ladies are old hats at the improvisational game, we hope they can not only revisit some of their previous sketches but also pioneer a few new knee-slappers. Here's our wishlist for the sketches we want to see when the lovely ladies host "SNL."

Mike's Marbleopolis

All Scarlett has to say is "mah-ble cah-lumns" for us to start rolling around in hysterics. She's appeared as saleswoman Lexy from Mike's Marbleopolis during both of her hosting gigs—and on Ryan's show—so it only makes sense that she'll don that flamboyantly awful dress this time around as well.

Mary Poppins

Hands down, Anne Hathaway's best skit during her previous performance was as Mary Poppins. What can we say? She just has that perfect young Julie Andrews look, so it worked perfectly. The writers over at "SNL" probably have plenty of other film characters to spoof, but we kind of hope that they turn Mary Poppins into Anne's recurring character.

MTV Movie Awards Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson kiss

Come on, they can't not reference this, because it was arguably Scarlett's most culturally significant moment of the year. It doesn't have to be a reenactment of the actual moment, because that would just be silly, but some sort of allusion (hopefully involving Kristen Wiig) seems appropriate.

Dysfunctional Thanksgiving dinner

Anne will be hosting the week before Thanksgiving, so it only makes sense that they give her some sort of Thanksgiving skit. We're hoping it's the recurring dysfunctional Thanksgiving dinner laugher that Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred in last year. The skit is hilarious every time, and it would be a good opportunity for Anne to show off her comedic timing.

Surprise appearance by Ryan Reynolds

After all, Scarlett did it, so it's only fair that Ryan return the favor. And, let's be honest, we can never get enough Ryan Reynolds.

What skits do you hope Anne and Scarlett perform on "SNL"?