'Hellcats' Recap: 'The Match Game'

Hellcatsby Aimee Curran

O.M.G. this week's episode of "Hellcats" was so good! We had to wait two long weeks, but it was definitely worth it! When we last left off, the Hellcats didn't win a bid spot for nationals and were stressing hard over how to raise money to support the team for the rest of the season. Just when everyone is about to panic, Lewis comes up with the genius idea of holding a date auction to raise the $5,000 they need. (Has he been watching 90210"?!?)

Meanwhile, Savannah confronts Marti about her late nights out, sly smiles, texting and generally suspect behavior. When she accuses Marti of dating someone, she denies it and ditches Savannah in the bathroom before she gives anything away. Back in her dorm room, Marti's research partner, Morgan, surprises her with a visit inquiring why she's been making extra visits to the jail to see the music man inmate. Marti says she just goes there to bring him a guitar to use and, of course, Morgan doesn't buy it. He tries to get info out of her, but obvi Marti isn't saying anything...why would she? Morgan is the epitome of a nosy, competitive nerd.

While Marti is dealing with Morgan, Savannah reveals to Dan that she's been saving her virginity until marriage. Dan isn't into the idea of marriage. He doesn't like to have a plan. Savannah basically says if she has sex with him she needs to know it can eventually lead to marriage, but Dan just tells her to chill. Honestly, this girl is kind of dim. She is an overachieving cheerleader who has her whole life mapped out, and Dan is a guy with a high school diploma who is essentially unemployed and likes to live life moment by moment. Fail on her part for thinking he is going to give her everything she wants.

In other news, Marti and Lewis have been having hot and heavy petting sessions and almost get caught by both Marti's mom and Coach Vanessa. Lewis wants to come clean about the relationship, but Marti wants to keep it secret because she's not into having everyone up in her business. I don't blame her. She shares her hesitation, and Lewis tells her to figure it out because he doesn't want to keep it secret.

So the date auction comes and goes...slutty cheerleading outfits, booty shaking, the usual Hellcat behavior. Alice is sold for $300 to her quarterback bf. Lewis is sold to some old dude. Marti is horrified when she is bought by Morgan, and Dan is outbid by Savannah's ex-bf Noah. The team is $825 short of their $5,000 goal...dang it! No worries, though, because at the last minute a bid for that exact amount comes through for a date with Vanessa! She thinks it's Red but after snooping around and talking to her bf, Derrick, she can't tell for sure. Derrick says not to worry, and Vanessa gets a little pissed that he's not more upset over the prospect of Red buying time with her. I think Vanessa is a huge drama queen...her character annoys me.

Anyway, Savannah figures out her mom is behind the date with Noah so she dresses like a floozy and puts on a drunk act with Noah to get back at her mom, but to her surprise she ends up having a heart-to-heart with her ex. He tells her everything she wishes Dan would. He wants to plan a future with Savannah that includes marriage and kids. Tempting, but Savannah sticks with Dan. She tells her mom about the date and her choices. Surprisingly, her mom tells her it's okay. Cue the laundry-folding bonding session! It was so sweet I had to make sure I wasn't watching an after-school special.

Tissues and warm fuzzies aside, Marti goes on her date with Morgan who admits his intention for the date was to get her drunk so she'll spill what she's been up to. Marti tells him he isn't getting anything out of her, and he tells her he wrote a bad check for his date with her...ew. Marti leaves only to be surprised by Morgan who found the lead she was looking for to help move the inmate's case along. After agreeing to make good on the bad check, Morgan finally gains Marti's confidence, and she lets him assist on the case.

Vanessa shows up to her date...and guess what?!??!?! Her date is Derrick...wow, didn't see that coming. She's stoked it isn't Red, Derrick is stoked to give money to the Hellcats' cause, and they have a romantical date. Awwwww...barf.

Speaking of relationships...Marti finally confesses to Savannah that she's dating Lewis, telling her about her hesitation with sharing. Savannah says Marti is scared of love. Marti says Savannah needs to chill out on the life plan. They both take the talk to heart, and Marti announces her relationship to the Cheer Town dorm by kissing Lewis in front of everyone. Savannah finds Dan and suggests they just get in his pick-up truck and drive off into the sunset. Wow...daring....but I guess it's a start, right??

Do you think Savannah should just dump Dan already? Are Marti and Lewis really meant to be? What did you think about last night's episode?