Halloween Costume How-To: Hit A High Note As Rachel Berry From 'Glee'

Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Don't fret! Hollywood Crush is here to help! All week long, we'll give you the deets on how to dress like your favorite pop-culture icons (without breaking the bank), in our Halloween Costume How-To column. So before you resort to cutting eye holes in your favorite sheets, check out our suggestions for awesome Halloween get-ups!

As far as "Glee"-themed Halloween costumes go, it's no secret that Sue Sylvester is the easiest. (Hello, red tracksuit and verbal berating!) But we here at Hollywood Crush have a special place in our hearts for the students of McKinley High and think they deserve to hit up Halloween shindigs as well!

Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele) is the type-A glee club member you love to hate (or maybe it's the other way around...) Either way, Rachel's trademark style has won the affections of Finn (that's a treat, alright!) and getting down her look on October 31st will have everyone singing your praises!

The best part about dressing like Rachel for Halloween? You'll totally be able to wear the "costume" again! Take this classic Rachel look for instance. We found an oh-so-cute yellow cable-knit sweater (though, sans buttons) from JC Penney for $14.99, a crisp white polo underneath (just $5 at Target!) and, of course, the essential school girl skirt. Thanks to Britney Spears, those can be found pretty much anywhere this time of year, but we found one at Wet Seal for under $20! It's almost identical to Ms. Berry's, and we think she'd just love the bow, don't you?

As for shoes, we think the Flake Ballet shoes at Payless ($24.99) would be a nice nod to the "Bad Reputation" ep in which she does some fancy footwork with former flame Jesse. And don't forget the knee high socks, which you can snag from American Apparel for $10.

Of course, there are some extra little nuggets you can add to your costume to pay homage to Rachel. We found these adorable comedy/tragedy theater masks on Etsy.com for just $2 that you can place on your sweater! And, what "Glee" costume would be complete without a slushy? You can, of course stop by your local convenience store and grab one (though we'd suggest you drink it fast...and please, don't slushy your friends!) or get a clear, plastic cup and fill it with red Pop Rocks! That way you can carry it all night and, hey, treats for everyone!