Halloween Costume How-To: Sink Your Teeth Into 'The Vampire Diaries'' Katherine

Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Don't fret! Hollywood Crush is here to help! All week long, we'll give you the deets on how to dress like your favorite pop-culture icons (without breaking the bank), in our Halloween Costume How-To column. So before you resort to cutting eye holes in your favorite sheets, check out our suggestions for awesome Halloween get-ups!

She's only just returned to Mystic Falls, but the Salvatore brothers' once-loved-now-despised nemesis Katherine is causing some major trouble on "The Vampire Diaries." In fact, she's even weaseled in between soul mates Elena and Stefan. Ahhhhhhhh! Despite her flaws, you have to admit the girl's got a stellar style sense, which is why she's a perfect costume option for Halloween 2010. You better take advantage now, because who knows if she'll still be around come 2011, right?

The crucial aspects of a Katherine costume are the small details that set her apart from good girl Elena. First, you need some bouncy curls. We swear by Conair's 1 1/4 in. Instant Heat Curling Iron (available online or in drug stores for $18.99). Wrap small sections of hair around the iron, keeping the barrel vertical to guarantee perfectly loose ringlets. Next, you'll need a pair of vampire fangs, which you can find at pretty much any Halloween store (though we like these from vampfangs.com).

Now that you've got the essentials taken care of, let's move on to Katherine's fabulous threads. The vamp is all about being dark and mysterious, especially when it comes to fashion. If you don't already own a pair of black jeans, we suggest a pair of Gap's Always skinny jeans for $59.50. Add a punch of color with a fitted gem-tone colored tee in purple, burgundy or teal, layered with a black leather (or even denim) jacket. Accessorize with a pair of ankle-high boots and dangly earrings and every mortal will fear you.