MULTIPLE CHOICE: 'The City' Is Canceled--What Should Whitney Port Do Next?

First "The Hills," now "The City." After two seasons, Whitney Port's New York City-set reality show will not be returning to the MTV airwaves. Let's pour out a Cosmo in its memory.

Okay, now that the mourning portion of this post is over, let's look to the future—cause that's what Miss Port's doing. When she stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Monday, the leggy blond told the less-leggy, frosted-tipped blond that she has plans. "I'm working on some other things," Whitney hinted. "It's okay. One door closes and another opens." Though Whitney was a bit vague about what's waiting behind those doors, we've got a few ideas of our own. Check out our suggestions for Whitney's new gig and vote for your favorite!

1. Fiction writer

Whitney's got an advice tome slated for release in 2011, but we think the former "City" star should follow in bestie Lauren Conrad's footsteps and pen a fictionalized account of her adventures in Manhattan. I mean, please, dating a rocker is just about as juicy as it gets, no?

2. Bikini model

As a designer, Whitney's used to wrangling pretty young things, but we think she could step in front of the camera if she really wanted to. Seriously...did you see those bikini shots? Meow!

3. Interpersonal communications consultant

Over the course of her reality TV tenure (both on "The Hills" and "The City"), Whitney was not only LC's listening ear but dealt with some dirty drama of her own. Whitney kept her poise throughout, proving you don't have to get nasty to solve a spat. Perhaps she could share her expertise in a Learning Annex seminar titled "Dial Down the Drama"?