Mark Salling Snapped On 'Glee' Set With A Baby: What Does It Mean?!

We always thought the only thing that you could put in front of Mark Salling to make him even cuter was a guitar. Turns out we were wrong, it's a baby! We were downright smitten when we saw these pics from the set of "Glee" with Mark (in a suit!) playing with the tyke.

Of course, our first thought as Gleeks was, will this mark the return of Puck and Quinn's baby Beth? But upon inspection, it looks as though this wee one is a lad. So, no sign of baby Beth and her adoptive mother Shelby (Idina Menzel)...just yet.

But, that doesn't count out the possibility of other baby news on "Glee." Since this is for an episode down the line, perhaps other characters on the show (Emma and Carl? Gasp!) welcome a new addition.

More than likely, it's just Mark (who, sadly, has been absent from "Glee" as Puck has been in juvenile hall) playing with the son of one of the show's cast or crew members. Either way, it makes our hearts melt. Speaking of adorable, we also stumbled upon this picture of Chris Colfer and Kevin McHale getting in touch with their kiddie side as they hit the swings (in suits, too!)

While we're still wondering about the baby, the suits have us even more curious. Could it be New Directions gearing up for a big performance? Heading to a wedding (or, hopefully not, a funeral)? We're plagued by these questions, so until we get answers, we're just going to marvel at the sweetness once again.

What do you think, Gleeks? Whose baby is Mark Salling holding? Why are the boys all wearing suits? Let us know what you think!