'Footloose' Set Pics Reveal Julianne Hough And Kenny Wormald At Prom!

The "Footloose" remake set has been pretty quiet since production started back in July, so we were pretty excited when director Craig Brewer dropped a set photo of the film's two stars right into our laps. Okay, so he posted it on Twitter, but the photo is of Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough at the film's famous prom scene, so it's still pretty awesome.

Whoever Harry is, he must feel pretty lucky, and we feel lucky too finally seeing Kenny in costume. We didn't know too much about him when he was cast, and that gelled up hair didn't really have us convinced he'd look like a great Ren, but he looks smoking hot in this picture! Julianne looks gorgeous as always as well... but that brings us to our next point of contention. Is this flick set in the '80s or in the present day?

Based on this photo, it looks like the film is leaning more towards the '80s (look at that big hair!). We knew there were some debates over the musical numbers in the film, but what we never knew for sure was whether "Footloose" would be a straight remake or a reimagining of the classic Kevin Bacon film. Maybe we're spoiled by all the reboots recently, but we were kind of hoping for the latter.

Still, while looking through Craig's Twitpic account we found plenty of other awesome photos from set that he managed to sneak online without us noticing. There are oodles of pics of the extras from the prom scene and also a shot of the grain mill where the prom is thrown. There are also some fun photos of the tractor Ren races against Chuck Cranston, and the Cranston Motor Way that we can assume Chuck's family owns.

Craig debuted a trailer for "Footloose" this past Saturday night at a screening of his first feature film "The Poor & Hungry," /Film reports, so hopefully we'll be catching a glimpse of that teaser pretty soon. We're definitely ready to start getting footloose.

Are you surprised the costumes are so faithful to the original? Do you think Kenny and Julianne look the part?