Blake Lively And Penn Badgley Call It Quits

After all the depressing news this month of separations, divorces and called-off engagements, it's almost a relief to hear about a nice, amiable breakup—particularly one that makes the celebrity dating pool exponentially hotter. The dish: Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, a.k.a. one of Hollywood's most exceptionally attractive couples, have gone their separate ways after two years of dating. The "Gossip Girl" co-stars split early in September, but kept the breakup secret until this week, when a rep confirmed the news to US Weekly.

As splits go, this one looks like a pretty clean break—no major heartbreak, no sordid drama and no knockdown, drag-out fights involving baseball bats and heirloom dishware. (According to reports, the pair have conducted themselves so professionally on set that nobody even noticed that things had cooled off.) And since Blake and Penn have known each other since they were kids, we'll probably still be seeing them out and about on a strictly-platonic basis.

Meanwhile, the rush to secure the newly-untethered affections of at least one half of this couple may have already begun—Blake was recently spotted hanging out at Disneyland with none other than Ryan Gosling.

Who should these newly-single stars set their sights on now?