'Glee' Recap: 'The Rocky Horror Glee Show'

Cory MonteithAh, those lips. Those iconic lips from the opening frame of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and the classic poster. The lips that sing "Science Fiction/Double Feature" have made their way to "Glee" for the long-awaited "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" episode. For fans of "RHPS" it was a delight to see the opening of the cult classic done right (they even got the credits down pat), but unfortunately, the episode, much like Brad and Janet, got rather lost along the way.

Perhaps expectations were too high for the episode (much like the Britney episode was for a lot of fans), or it simply came down to that rare "Glee" misstep. And it seems like, once again, we have Mr. Schuester to blame. Still smitten with Emma, Will decides to put on a production of the classic but raunchy, "Rocky Horror Picture Show" when he discovers she (and her adorable new beau Dr. Carl) love the movie and have attended midnight screenings together.

And here's where things get really mucky. Rather than the focus of the ep be on "Rocky Horror" we're thrown into the Will-Emma-Carl love triangle, as well as two side stories that never really take off (Finn is uncomfortable with his body, Sue is desperate to win a local daytime Emmy.) After various casting shake-ups (which we'll talk more about later) with the students and staff, Will ultimately decides to draw the curtain on the "RHPS" for too many reasons. Was it because the show was too inappropriate for school? Because it didn't win Emma back after all? Or because he wanted the show to be just for the outsiders and not the entire school? It all felt a bit disjointed in the end.

The biggest mistake of the evening didn't belong to Mr. Schue though (his duet with Emma during "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" did border on plain wrong, especially with Santana and Brittany peering in). No, it was the casting of Mercedes as the iconic Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Let's be honest, it's nearly impossible to fill Tim Curry's bustier, but this role is meant to be played by a man. There's not much shock value to "Sweet Transvestite" when it's sung by a woman in women's lingerie. We're not knocking Amber Riley's amazing voice by any means, but she was quite Frank-ly, all wrong for the part last night.

Not to say they didn't get some things so very right. The cameos by original cast members from the movie (Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf Aday, who played Brad and Eddie, respectively) were a delight (even if their parts in the episode were sort of disposable), and New Directions rendition of "Dammit, Janet" was spirited and spot-on.

Also, if Broadway does decide to do a "RHPS" revival once again, here's to hoping they cast guest star John Stamos as Eddie...or...Brad...or Dr. Frank-N-Furter (What can we say? We love the guy!) after his version of "Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul." Same goes for fellow guest Chord Overstreet as Rocky Horror, shorts and all.

The show's biggest number, "The Time Warp", also got the proper treatment from the cast (particularly Heather Morris' take on Columbia.) But, once again, the evening's MVP went to Chris Colfer (runners-up go to, surprisingly enough, Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron, who shined in their parts). That said, we're still not convinced Kurt wouldn't jump at the chance to play the coveted role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (he is always looking for a lead and we sincerely doubt he'd take issue with the wardrobe, especially after the Lady Gaga assignment) but he absolutely killed as Riff Raff. Chris looked and sounded the part so well, you'd swear you were watching the original "Rocky Horror Picture Show"! Which, hopefully, is what will inspire Gleeks to check it out.

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What did you think of "The Rocky Horror Glee Show," Gleeks? Were you underwhelmed too, or did you love it? Which "RHPS" song do you think was missing most from the episode? Let us know!