Peek Our EXCLUSIVE 'Sweet Valley Confidential' Book Trailer!

The only thing better than a gorgeous blond drama queen with a sordid past and an axe to grind is... two of them. So we've been pretty excited about last week's literary news that our favorite evil twins, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield of the "Sweet Valley" series, are coming back in "Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later"—a new book, set a decade after the twins graduated high school, that finds them estranged and living on opposite coasts. The book drops next spring, and today, Hollywood Crush has an EXCLUSIVE look at the preview for the next big thing in "Sweet Valley."

The short clip opens up with a smooth jazz riff and the pretty pastels of previous "Sweet Valley High" books lined up onscreen, with a title overlay informing us that "A lot can happen in 10 years..."—then changes to tease us with the question, "Which Wakefield twin will move to New York City?" (Which is then followed by a series of stock photos depicting a taxi, the Empire State Building and a row of purply drinks in long-stemmed glasses, just in case you don't know which "New York City" they mean.) According to the trailer, you'll have to read the book to find out!

Of course, an excerpt released earlier this month already revealed that it's Elizabeth who has fled Sweet Valley for the grit of NYC, where she's plotting revenge against her sister for an unspecified-but-probably-boy-related betrayal, so the "Which twin?" question isn't exactly a mystery. But we'll definitely be cracking the book open next April to find out what else has happened in the 10 years since we last checked in with the SVTs! Here's hoping it's full of big secrets and surprise twists...and of course, that Todd Wilkins is still hot and hasn't grown up to be an overweight insurance adjuster with copious back hair.

For more info about the book, check out the "Sweet Valley Confidential" Facebook page!

Will 10 years of maturity be a good thing for the Twins, or will it just make the drama more serious?