Malese Jow Talks Katniss Role In 'Hunger Games': 'I Would Give It 2,000 Percent'

Malese JowWho should play Katniss? It's a question that's been swooping around the internet like so many Mockingjays. Reports indicate that scripts have gone out to both "Skins" star Kaya Scodelario and "Nikita" actress Lyndsy Fonseca for the part of "The Hunger Games" heroine. And there are always those Chloe Moretz rumors. But if you remember back to the summer, Hollywood Crush suggested a trio of actresses for the part, with top billing going to "Vampire Diaries" star Malese Jow.

Malese read "The Hunger Games" not long after and fell in love with Katniss tweeting, "Reading #HungerGames.. SO good! If they do it up right, the movie will be awesome. If I may.... #MaleseForKatniss!! ;)" Ever since, Malese fans have been clamoring for the 20-year-old to step into the arena. We thought we'd check in with Malese to see if she was any closer to landing a role in the much-anticipated flick.

There have been reports of scripts being sent out for the role of Katniss. Have you been approached or are you looking into the part?

I've heard that there are scripts floating around. My agent and manager are working as hard as they can. I would definitely like a fair shot at this. I feel like I would be great for Katniss, so I would love to go out for it.

Have you had a chance to read all of the books?

I've read all of them! Besides wanting the role, I'm just a die-hard fan of the books. Suzanne [Collins] did a great, great, great job by keeping me engaged in all three. I'm a "Harry Potter" fan, a "Twilight" fan, and I think "The Hunger Games" surpasses them all.

That's a bold statement!

I know! I really enjoyed it. I liked that it wasn't too saturated in romance or having someone have a superpower. It was real people, real fighting and real struggles, and the fact that it was in the future is very captivating. It's just real. I like it.

Did you have a favorite book in the series?

Oh, man. They were all really good in their own way. You really see Katniss just have an internal makeover throughout each book. "Catching Fire" was really, really good, and "Mockingjay" just made me really sad. But as far as catching my attention, "Hunger Games" has a special place in my heart because that's what caught me initially.

Why do you think you would be good for the part of Katniss?

I'm going to sound like I'm tooting my own horn! Looks-wise, I think I'm good for it. When people first meet me, they're always like, 'What are you?' as far as ethnicity. And I've been pegged as 'ethnically ambiguous.' I think the years the "Hunger Games" takes place, everyone is going be ethnically ambiguous. Everyone is going to have some exotic flavor to them. Slap some gray contacts on me, and I'm good to go.

As far as portraying Katniss and her strength, I feel like with "Vampire Diaries," I got a lot of experience dabbling in that, and proving to people that I could pull that off. And I've grown so much since then. So I can only imagine what I could do if I was presented with the role of Katniss. I would do my absolute best. I would give it 2,000 percent for everyone. I know there are some die-hard fans out there.

Do you visit the fan sites?

I don't have to go out and look for it. On Twitter and stuff, people have petitions going on that I see by default—things that are sent to me saying, 'Oh my gosh! I want you as Katniss.' The fan support for that is great. I feel like, online, I'm a pretty strong contender as far as who the fans want as Katniss, which is very encouraging. I think when it comes to something like this, a book series being turned into a movie, I think the people behind it should look to the fans and who they want. They're the ones who've read it. They know Katniss; they know her personally. And for them to have favorites, that should definitely be considered.

Have you put any thought into who would be good in the movie's other roles?

My sister is a big fan, and I know she [chuckles] likes Alex Pettyfer for Peeta.

Oh, Alex is so dreamy.

Yes, he is very attractive. But like I said, for casting, I don't have anyone in particular, but I really hope they do go for more exotic looks for everyone, not what everyone would think at first.

Do you think Malese would make a good Katniss?