Hilary Duff To Star In Indie 'She Wants Me'

Hilary DuffHilary Duff is turning over several new leaves, and we could not be happier. The former Disney-starlet-turned-"Gossip Girl" has kicked-off her career diversification with a gritty romance, "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde," and a young adult novel that we really enjoyed. Now she's signed on to the indie flick "She Wants Me," which is definitely not a film we would have pegged her to star in even just a year ago.

According to Variety, the movie just started filming in Los Angeles and New York City. It's not that the plot of the film is something that's especially different from Hilary's previous rom-coms; it's director Rob Margolies's unique treatment that's piqued our interest.

Rob's other directorial effort was the 2008 indie film "Lifelines," which followed a family through a "bitter" and "painful" day of self-realization. The characters in the film were all flawed, and the film took the time to realistically and honestly look at humanity and the way we live our lives.

"She Wants Me" follows the story of a neurotic writer named Sam, who is being played by "Love and Other Drugs'" Josh Gad. He writes the screenplay for his next feature film and promises the lead to girlfriend Sammy, a struggling actress being played by Kristen Ruhlin. Things get complicated, though, when an A-list starlet (Hilary) shows an interest in the role. And in an interesting twist, Charlie Sheen has signed on to make a cameo as himself.

We could see this plot easily being made into a fun, fluffy rom-com, but knowing Rob's track record, we're really excited to see what he does with this script—and the performance he gets out of Hilary. She's done dramatic work in the past, but it would be great to see Hilary stretch herself beyond just playing the sweet-as-sugar girl-next-door.

Are you excited to see Hilary Duff starring in this film?