Ryan Gosling's All Wet On Interview Cover (That's What She Said!)

Ryan GoslingThe best interview/photo shoot combo we've seen all day can be summed up in two words: Ryan Gosling.

And two more: Leather jacket.

And three more: IN THE RAIN.

Ryan, looking sweet, soulful and (woohoo!) saturated, is featured in November's Interview magazine. But as hot as the wet T-shirt contest is, the real treat is the accompanying interview—conducted by the famously funny Steve Carrell—in which Ryan talks about moviemaking, the Mickey Mouse Club and what it takes to make him laugh.

Ryan has been busy lately, finishing up filming on two movies: the hotly anticipated (and for now NC-17 rated) drama "Blue Valentine," and a comedy called "Crazy Stupid Love" to be released in 2011. As a veteran of the indie film circuit, the mainstream comedy might have been a challenging departure from his usual roles —but Steve (his costar in the latter movie) praised Ryan's comedic acting chops, and for his part, Ryan has a very specific idea about what makes a movie funny.

"I like when the situation is funny, and the people within the context of that situation are playing it for real. That, for me, when I’m watching a movie, is what makes it funny: that the characters are completely invested in what’s happening and not aware of the humor." He goes on to cite Gene Wilder as an example of an actor who really nails this approach, adding, "There’s that scene in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid Ask [1972] where he falls in love with that sheep. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen because you feel like he’s actually in love with the sheep. He’s feeling it up. He’s groping it."

Still, despite having a lifetime of roles under his belt, Ryan's status as serious actor still seems to come as a surprise to him—as did his 2007 Oscar nomination for "Half Nelson." Ryan puts it in perspective by saying, "Well, it feels like not that long ago that I was on a TV show called "Young Hercules" in which I had a fake tan and wore tight leather pants and fought imaginary monsters."

(A TV show which, by the way, is available on Hulu right now...not that we spent all morning watching episodes or anything.)

Of course, it's not possible to discuss Ryan's early career without mentioning that he was also a once-upon-a-time cast member on the "Mickey Mouse Club," a credit he shares with other Crush regulars Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. While the show was a breeding ground for some of today's biggest names in entertainment, what Ryan remembers best about the experience is strictly unprofessional.

"I remember there was one guy who I became friends with. He played a genie and was this great dancer," he says. "He took us to a place called Pleasure Island, which was for adults to go after the kids had their days... It was completely inappropriate, now that I’m thinking about it, but he would sneak us in and we would go to a club there called 8 Trax and dance with the secretaries, who were grinding on us... Now, that sounds completely inappropriate. I can't imagine how it was possible."

And we can't imagine how lucky those secretaries must feel right now.

Which of Ryan's upcoming movies are you more excited for?