Lea Michele To Make Big-Screen Debut In 'New Year's Eve'?

If you're looking for a good New Year's Eve date a full 14 months in advance...well, something is very, very wrong with you. (Really dude, it's not even Thanksgiving yet.) But hey, if you are, we've got the perfect candidate: Lea Michele of TV's "Glee," who, according to E! Online, is thisclose to signing on for her very first movie role in the follow-up to last year's ensemble hit "Valentine's Day"!

The movie is supposedly slated for release in December 2011, and it's called (you guessed it) "New Year's Eve." But call it a rumor for now; there's no official "go" from parent company Universal, and no word yet on whether the stars of the previous film—including Crush mainstays like Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift and Bradley Cooper—will be reprising their roles. That makes Lea one of the first major names to be even tentatively linked to the production. But it's no surprise to hear that she's been tapped early; E! reports that director Garry Marshall wanted her on board in a major way.

Hmm. Wonder if he subscribes to GQ?

Will you be psyched to see Lea on the big screen?