Halloween Costume How-To: Baby, Baby, You Can Dress Like Justin Bieber!

Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Don't fret! Hollywood Crush is here to help! All week long, we'll give you the deets on how to dress like your favorite pop-culture icons (without breaking the bank), in our Halloween Costume How-To column. So before you resort to cutting eye holes in your favorite sheets, check out our suggestions for awesome Halloween get-ups!

Prepare to get your swoop on.

For anyone in search of a spooktacularly cheap Halloween get-up, Justin Bieber is one of the easiest (and most recognizable) costumes around. The boy wonder tends to wear a lot of basic clothing items: T-shirts, jeans and khakis, and sneakers. Really, the key element of a Justin Bieber costume is getting that swoop just right.

If you're fortunate enough to have a healthy head of hair just like The Biebs, then all you need is a blow dryer and some styling product to get the look. Pull your bangs in front of your face and dry them from left to right, the same way Justin angles his hair, and then use some hair spray or pomade to shellac the 'do to your forehead all. night. long.

Don't have Bieberiffic locks (or just don't want to muck up your own)? Buy a Justin Bieber Wig from JD Beebe—the man behind last year's "Hangover" beard—for just $20.

If you're really looking to splurge on the costume, buy a pair of Supra sneakers, the brand Justin swears by. They typically run around $100. Beyond that, it's just about whipping out your favorite pair of jeans and a plain colored T-shirt, maybe tossing a button-up V-neck cardigan or purple hoodie over it, grabbing a pair of drumsticks and serenading every girl who passes by with "Someone to Love."