Dakota Fanning In Talks For 'If I Stay' Role: The Right Career Move?

Dakota FanningSummit must be real sweet on Dakota Fanning. After appearing in two of the studio's properties—"Push" and a little franchise called "The Twilight Saga"—the actress is mulling over a role in the studio's upcoming "If I Stay," an adaptation of Gayle Forman's popular YA novel, Variety reports.

"If I Stay" tells the story of 17-year-old Mia, a gifted cellist with dreams of Julliard, who must choose between pursuing her future in New York City or staying in Oregon with her rock band boyfriend. But after a fatal car crash, Mia faces the ultimate decision: life or death.

"Twilight" helmer Catherine Hardwicke was originally attached to the project but dropped out in favor of "Red Riding Hood." Brazilian Heitor Dhalia is taking over directing duties.

"If I Stay" would mark an interesting turning point in Dakota's career. We've seen her in increasingly mature roles over the years, with "The Runaways" probably her edgiest to date. But we have yet to see her play a contemporary, in-love teen. It's hard sometimes to picture Dakota pining after a boy when we've seen her grow up onscreen in flicks like "I Am Sam" and "Uptown Girls," but this seems like the right next step in her evolution from child star to adult actress. Conflicted Mia will be a challenge for any young performer, but if anyone's up for the task, it's certainly Miss Fanning.

What do you think about Dakota potentially being cast in "If I Stay"? Are there other actresses you'd prefer to see in the role?