Rewind With A 'Moulin Rouge' EXCLUSIVE Blu-Ray Extra!

Amazingly enough, it is already time for another Rewind segment—our fledgling series that features nostalgic looks back at movies we loved at first sight. For this installment, we celebrate truth! beauty! freedom! But above all things: love.

Baz Luhrmann's "Moulin Rouge" is one of those arresting, divisive films that demands discussion. To this day, you mention it in conversation and people either spout words of the highest praise or flat out disdain. Full disclosure: "Moulin Rouge" is one of my absolute favorite films. So its arrival on Blu-ray today is cause for celebration with not only a full day (possibly a week) of blasting the epic soundtrack from my office, but this exclusive clip, wherein the brilliant writing duo of Luhrmann and Craig Pearce discuss their original plans for the opening scene. Hint: A father vs. son fight was involved! Along with Cat Stevens' "Father and Son," of course.

From the minute I saw the first trailer I knew I had to see this film. I saw it for the first time with my mom and distinctly remember these things: my jaw dropping to the floor when Ewan McGregor bursts out the opening bars of "Your Song"—ditto with the tango scene, running out of Kleenex to wipe away tears/blow my nose, and sitting in the theater with my mom long after the credits finished rolling, totally overwhelmed by what we had just experienced. Thus began my obsession, which involves countless viewings, endless belting of the soundtrack while driving in my car and buying Elton John's entire anthology for the piano so I could learn to play "Your Song" (I can still play it, by the way).

The only things that I did not love about Luhrmann's dazzling and devastating artistry are: Kevin Gilbert and David Baerwald being unfairly robbed of a Best Original Song nomination for "Come What May," the fact that it doesn't get enough credit for bringing back the musical ("Chicago" owes "Moulin Rouge" big time) and people who don't like the movie (seriously, I have to re-consider my friendships if I find out someone I like doesn't appreciate it).

Allow a few others to gush along with me:

"Favorite scene was definitely the Elephant Love Song Medley—the way the medley was arranged is really smart and makes the song flow very well. It's one of my favorite movies of all time."—Hayley

"This is my ALL time FAVORITE MOVIE!!!!! The soundtrack is amazing! One of my favorite scenes is the Can Can Can scene! The musical mix was awesome! The ending gets me every time. When she dies in his arms and he let's out that gasp and breaks down. I saw this movie 6 times in theaters and still know every line by heart!"—Shannon

"It's hard for me to admit, I like the Ewan McGregor version of "Your Song" better than the original."—Luke

What else do you love about "Moulin Rouge?"