Kristen Stewart Goes Old Hollywood Glam At 'Welcome To The Rileys' Premiere

We have to admit, we were pretty eager to see what Kristen Stewart would pull out for the "Welcome to the Rileys" red carpet in New York last night. After all, the girl earned our fashion stamp of approval at the Spike Scream Awards this past weekend when she arrived in a GUiSHEM Spring 2011 one-shoulder dress, and we had high hopes that she'd win us over yet again.

The actress hit the premiere aiming for old Hollywood glam, in another one-shoulder (hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it, right?), black and beige dress by Valentino. Was it a fashion win? Let's just say...we're torn.

The Valentino dress was an elegant choice for KStew, but we couldn't help but notice that it was simply too short on her. Pull the skirt down an inch or two and this dress may have lived up to its true potential. We've got a feeling Kristen may have felt the same way. Months ago, the actress told MTV News that she doesn't have fun on red carpets if she doesn't like what she's wearing, and judging from her pictures last night, she didn't seem totally comfortable (but that's just our guess!). As for the hair, once again, she almost had it right. The loose bun was a perfect choice for the formal dress, but it was a little too messy for our taste. Smooth out the flyaways and adjust the shape a bit, and this hair-do totally would have worked. Where Kristen really shined was with her makeup and shoes. We adored the actress' decision to go for daring bright red lipstick (now, that is total glam), and we still can't get over her black stilettos (so chic!).

All that being said, we're going to have to give Kristen some major points for effort here, because, while we may have our slight issues with the look, it's still a huge improvement from her previous fashion missteps (see the fashion disaster that was the 2010 Met Gala), and the dress itself, while ill-fitting, was still beautiful.

Our final consensus? We didn't love it or hate it, but certainly think it's a step in the right direction for the young starlet. Here's to anticipating what's next!

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What did you think of Kristen Stewart's dress?