'Glee' Creator Ryan Murphy In Talks To Direct 'Rocky Horror' Film Remake

Ryan Murphyby Brianne Riviello

Gold spandex and Victorian style-corsets might become a permanent fixture in the life of "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy. As the "Glee" crew wraps their take on "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," set to air Oct. 26, Deadline reports that Ryan is being offered the chance to direct a potential feature-length remake of the cult classic, now in development at Fox 2000.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is the longest running theatrical film release in history, still selling out midnight showings 35 years after its 1975 debut. The New Directions kids will don plenty of wigs, glitter and top hats to pay homage to Dr. Frank and his gang of Transylvanians in the upcoming episode, quite appropriately premiering the week before Halloween. The tribute has "Glee" fans—and cast for that matter—buzzing and will probably pull in at least a few curious "Rocky Horror" cult followers.

But a complete remake of the impossible-to-label film? We're not so sure if this fan faction will be quite as hip to the idea. In fact, we're pretty positive they won’t be. Message boards are hurriedly filling up with desperate pleas to stop this in its tracks, and fans are full of snarky comments following the theme: "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it."

Ryan as a director isn't the most outrageous choice; he certainly has his share of musical experience as "Glee" dances through its second season. He has also tackled the bizarre and slightly eerie with his work on "Nip/Tuck." "Rocky Horror" could potentially be a good hybrid of the two for him, but it's far more likely that "RHPS" lovers will run away screaming if anyone other than Tim Curry shows up on screen in black lace.

Fox is certainly testing the waters for such an event; the original version of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is being released on Blu-ray today, and Fox Movie Channel is airing an entire 24 hours of the film on Halloween. My opinion? If this absolutely must happen, I wouldn’t be entirely opposed to Chris Colfer reprising his stint as Riff-Raff. I won’t lie, from what I’ve seen, the "Glee" star does a pretty fabulous job as the feather-duster-wielding blond.

What do you think about a potential "Rocky Horror Picture Show" remake?