Kristen Stewart Knows You Have A Girl Crush On Her

As one of MTV's resident "Twilight" fanatics, I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about Bella, Edward and Jacob. But thanks to movies editor Josh Horowitz, a new vocabulary term has entered my "Twilight" lexicon (so to speak). That word is...Krisbian. Are you familiar? I bet you are, because in anticipation of our sit down with Kristen Stewart many, many fans tweeted Josh wanting to know if Kristen's aware of the sapphic portmanteau. (For the uninitiated, a "Krisbian" is an otherwise straight girl who would go gay for Kristen). And to answer your question, yes, Kristen is very aware.

"Yeah, I can't lie about that one," the "Welcome to the Rileys" star replied with an uncharacteristic chuckle when asked if she'd heard of Krisbians. "I totally can't lie about that."

Though Kristen is nothing but good-natured about her fans' adoration, there's one person who's a bit nonplussed by the whole thing (and it isn't Robert Pattinson). "It pisses one person off," Kristen teased. "You know, my brother. But it's funny."

Leave it to a brother to be over protective!

Do you consider yourself a Krisbian? Or is there another star you have a major girl crush on?