Is 'Glee' Star Lea Michele Engaged?

Is Lea Michele planning to tie the knot with her Broadway-star boyfriend? It's time to play the "OMG! Is she engaged?!" game! Here's how it works:

1. Hollywood Actress leaves house.

2. Hollywood Actress is photographed by paparazzi.

3. Paparazzi pics reveal that Hollywood Actress is wearing a ring on That Finger.

3a. Not that finger, you foul-minded pervypants.

4. Rampant rumor-mongering ensues that Hollywood Actress is engaged to That Dude She Is Dating.

5. Repeat.

So today, we're wondering if Lea's latest pretty accessory might mean that lifelong, wedded love is just around the corner. The actress treated her mom and dad to a special birthday dinner at Katsuya, and paparazzi photos from the evening show that she's definitely sporting a gold-ish band on her ring finger.

Could she be engaged? Hey, it's certainly possible; Lea's been dating Theo Stockman—who's currently appearing on Broadway in the Green Day-based musical "American Idiot"—for nearly a year now, and it's conceivable that the two might be taking their romance to the next level. But after another look at that bauble, we're thinking it's just a coincidence. The ring is pretty, but it's not the sort of sparkly show-stopped we'd expect to capture the heart of the biggest diva on "Glee."

What's your take? Is Lea engaged, or still single?