Charlaine Harris' Harper Connelly Series Coming To CBS: Will It Be As Good As 'True Blood'?

It's only been two months, but boy have we been missing "True Blood." So must the folks over at CBS, because they just greenlit Charlaine Harris' Harper Connelly book series, which will be adapted by Ridley and Tony Scott's production company into a new mystery series called "Grave Sight," Variety reports.

We're pretty excited that Charlaine's lesser-known series about a woman struck by lightning who is then able to see the last moments of people's lives, is making its way to the small screen. The big question is whether the show will be as good—or better—than "True Blood."

"Grave Sight" has a long way to go before it will be ready for television, but there are a few things that "True Blood" has over it. First is the involvement of creator Alan Ball, whose complex views on death and overall awesomeness lend themselves very well to the HBO series. And then there's the man who leaves us all drooling, Mr. Alexander Skarsgård. Is it too much to ask that he be cast in both series...or in every film and television show ever?

One boon "Grave Sight" does boast is some truly twisted source material, maybe even more screwed up than "True Blood"'s. Here's what Publisher's Weekly has to say about the plot of the series' first novel:

Harper travels to the Ozark town of Sarne, Ark., to find a missing teenage girl's body, accompanied by her stepbrother, Tolliver, who acts as her manager and bodyguard and with whom she shares a thinly disguised physical attraction that they manage to keep at bay by engaging in casual sex with various partners. Finding the body takes no time at all, but leaving town afterward isn't so easy. When Harper's life is threatened and Tolliver ends up in jail on trumped-up charges, it quickly becomes apparent that something sinister is going on in Sarne.

"True Blood" has the benefit of being on HBO and thus being able to go a bit more edgy, but hopefully CBS and the Scotts allow whoever ends up working on this project to go a little crazy with it. If not, "Grave Sight" might be a success but certainly won't be as fun as it could be.

Are you excited that another Charlaine Harris series is coming to television?