'All Good Things' Trailer Debuts: Ryan Gosling Gives Us The Creeps

Let me start with a not-so-relevatory-though-relevant confession: Ryan Gosling is the celebrity love of my life. Forget Robert Pattinson, Ryan Reynolds or Brad Pitt. Ryan is it for me. Which is why I'm equal parts elated and terrified by the just-released trailer for his December release "All Good Things." Elated because this is the second Ryan Gosling movie trailer we've been treated to in the past month. Terrified because he totally creeps me out (which says a lot about his acting chops that even I'm turned off).

"All Good Things" is inspired by the true story of a New York City woman (played by Kirsten Dunst) who went missing and was presumed dead in the 1980s. Ryan plays her husband/suspected killer, the heir to a wealthy real estate dynasty who marries the below-his-social-standing Kirsten. And not surprisingly, his family (especially dad Frank Langella) isn't happy about the union.

From its opening moments, everything about this trailer is meant to put us on edge: plaintive, pained glances, an eerie, piano-plucked soundtrack and dialogue straight out of a murder mystery novel. "There's nothing that I do that she doesn't like," Ryan tells a friend. "She hasn't known you long enough," he replies.

As the title hints, "All Good Things" must come to an end. Set to sun-drenched shots of Kirsten frolicking on a spring day, the ending narration is the most obvious foreshadowing of her fate (besides the gun shot flash and trunk-opening sequence). "If anything happens to me, don't let them get away with it," Kirsten warns. We don't know who she says this to, but it could very well be "Saturday Night Live" player Kristen Wiig who takes a turn for the dramatic in this chilling film.

Are you excited to see "All Good Things"? How creepy is Ryan in this trailer?

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