'Vampire Diaries' Casting News: Is Damon Getting A Love Interest?

You know what they say about "The Vampire Diaries," when one character gets killed off, another one is just waiting in the wings (okay, so maybe only we say that).

Just yesterday, we brought you the news that a character on the show was getting axed, but today we're getting word that another one is set to join the cast—and we've got a feeling, she's going to be trouble!

Zap2It is reporting that Lauren Cohan ("Supernatural") has been cast as Rose, a "tough, sexy" vampire who will likely catch Damon's (Ian Somerhalder) eye (we feel your pain Dalena fans, but it's about time the guy got a legit love interest!).

That's not all though; the site also reports that Rose, who is over 500 years old and apparently very "elegant," will make her first appearance in episode eight, which is simply titled "Rose" (we're guessing that episode will be filled with more thorns than petals). Zap2It's source had this juicy tidbit to offer about the new gal in town: "Maybe there's some humanity left in her—have fun finding it." Could Damon have finally met his match?

Are you excited for Rose to join the cast? How do you feel about Damon possibly getting a new love interest?

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